Tosta band

The Tosta band is an orchestra based on diversity and made up of musicians and singers from Scotland, Galicia, Friesland, Wales, Cornwall, the Basque Country and Ireland that share small minority languages, hunger for mixing and sharing their musical roots to reinvent them all together, and bringing their small cultures to diversity of music. An ambitious project/dream that came true last year. Artists who are renowned in their countries, with high musical quality and international career became together. After months of work, the Tosta Band set up a ‘preview’ tour last year where we they achieved brilliant success.

Check the website at: www.tostabanda.com.

English, Frysk

Hieltyd mear bands, artysten en oare aktiveiteten kinne definityf fêstlein wurde foar it TOSTA-Festival yn Fryslân. It programma groeit mei de dei en it sjocht der no al prachtich út. Fan workshops foar jong en âld oant byldzjende keunst en fan muzyk út Asturië oant Fryske street art. Begjin septimber is it grut feest yn Dokkum tidens de Admiraliteitsdagen yn de TOSTA-Village en dêrbûten fansels!


English, Galego

Cheguei a Irlanda o luns de Pascua. Para este país é unha data moi importante, porque hai xa cen anos que deron o primeiro paso para constituirse como nazón soberana. Tiven a sorte de participar en moitos actos culturais relacionados co centenario: poesía, arte, historia… pero sen dúbida como mellor se coñece a un pobo é escoitando a súa música.


Cymraeg, English, Euskara, Frysk, Gaeilge, Gàidhlig, Galego, Kernowek

We are very happy to present the members of the TOSTA-band to you; an international collaboration full of music! From each of the seven TOSTA-regions there is one band member. Together they are playing at each TOSTA festival organised in all the participating regions. Meet the band!