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Zenna reports from Skye!

Posted on March 29th, 2016

Yma termyn ow resek omma yn Enys Sky. My re bia owth oberi hag yma taklow ow talleth omfurva.

Y’m hwithrans y tyskis vy a-dro dhe hwedhlow a’n ‘crodh-mara’, eghen pur arbennek bughes a drig yn-dann an mor mes y hwrons mos yn tir rag peuri.  Dell hevel mar kyll’ta kemeres dornas dor dyworth korflan, mos yn-dann gel er bynn an crodh-mara ha’y dewlel yntredhons ha’n arvor na yllons I dehweles dhe’n mor.  Leverys yw bos krofter a wrug hemma, nans yw termyn hir, ha brassa rann a’n bughes yn Sky henedh a’n bughes mor ma.


Unn hwedhel a lever a-dro dhe unn le may hwrug an crodh-mara dos yn tir.

“An gre a wre peuri orth Braes, pupprys usya Karrek MacNicol orth Scorrybreck avel tirva.”  Nyns yw Karrek MacNicol merkys war’n mappa, mes gans gweres dyworth gwrier lester teythyek Ewan Thomson, dell grysav my a gavas an le. Marthys da yw dhe ober hwithra!

Ynwedh yma Ewan owth oberi genev ha drehevel ragov bynk pur arbennek.  Moy a-dro dhe henna dreckli…



Time is flying by up here on the Isle of Skye. I’ve been working away and things are beginning to take shape.

In my research I came across stories of  the ‘crodh-mara’ a very special breed of cattle that live under the sea but come ashore to graze.  Apparently if you take a handful of earth from a graveyard, sneak up on the crodh-mara and throw it between them and the shore they will not be able to return to the sea.  It is said that a crofter managed to do this long ago and most of the cattle on Skye are descendants  of these sea cattle.

One story talks about a specific place that the crodh-mara came ashore . “ The herd which used to graze at Braes always used MacNicol’s Rock at Scorrybreck as a landing-place”. MacNicol’s Rock isn’t marked on the map, but with help from local boat builder Ewan Thomson, I think I found the place. Fantastic to do a bit of detective work!

Ewan is also working with me and building me a very special plinth. More on that dreckly…