Cornish artist reports from the Isle of Skye

Posted on March 13th, 2016

Dydh da/Shin thu!

Yth esen vy omma orth Sabhal Mor Ostaig yn Enys Skye rag seythen lemmyn.  Pan wrug vy dos yn kynsa yth o diwedhes yn nos, ytho na allis vy gweles an tirwel.  Nessa myttin pan ygeris vy an kroglennow y hwrug vy ogas klemdera gans an gwel!  Yma’n Kolji poran war an arvor ha dres an mor yma  tir bras gans menydhyow ergh-toppys.  Del hevel yth o koynt mires dresw an pyth a wonn vy bos tir rag gweles moy tir.  Yth yw moy avel avon bras.  Bos dyworth Kernow, moy usys yw dhymmo vy mires dhe vor ha kavos gorwel nag yw terrys, mes yn Sky dhe bub tu yma tir – po an bras tir po enysow erel.

Yth esen vy ow tybi a-dro dhe’n rychter marthys a hwedhlow Gwydhalek ha kanow ha lavaryow dyworth an lyverva hag argh  ‘Tobar an Dualchais’.  Meur dhe les yw kavos neusennow kemmyn gans hwedhlow kernewek hag ynwedh kavos taklow nowydh yn tien dhymmo vy.  Didheurek yw palas a-berth yn bysyow Maighdean Mhara, Sruth na Fir Ghorm ha Sliochd nan Ron. Meur dhe vos awenys!

Zenna Tagney


I have been here at Sabhal Mor Ostaig on the Isle of Skye for a week now. When I first arrived, it was late at night, so I couldn’t see the landscape. The next morning, when I opened my curtains, I was nearly knocked out by the view! The College is right on the shore and looks across the sea to the mainland with its snow topped mountains. It seems strange to look out across what I know is the sea, and to see more land. It makes it feel more like a big river. Being from Cornwall, I’m used to looking out to sea and having an uninterrupted horizon, but on Skye in every direction there is land – ether the mainland or more islands.

I’ve been getting stuck in to the amazing wealth of Gaelic stories, songs, poems and proverbs from the library and the archive ‘Tobar an Dualchais’. It’s really interesting to find common threads with Cornish stories and also to come across things that are completely new to me. It’s been fascinating to delve into the worlds of the Maighdean Mhara, Sruth na Fir Ghorm and Sliochd nan Ron. Lots to be inspired by!

Zenna Tagney