Frisian artist Aukje Schaafsma visiting Cornwall

Posted on February 19th, 2016

Artydh frisek Aukje Schaafsma a wra oberi y’n dre arvorek Aberfala war’n arvor dyghow Kernow west.  Yma hy studhla nebes meterow dyworth heyl, y hwrussyn ni hy gelwel rag oberi war an treth ha gans mordidow, hag ynwedh gans pobel ha yeth.  Gwedhen Owr a wra hy homendya dhe vagas ledan a bobel: kernewegoryon, artydhyon deythyek, gwrioryon ha performoryon, keuryow, pobel gans hwedhlow marthys… Wosa dynnargh kolonnek kernewek dyworth an Kowethas, y hwren ni hy hoola ha diwros, hy bos omglewes tre y’n mor ha war’n arvor.

Frysian artist Aukje Schaafsma will work in the seaside town of Falmouth on the south coast of West Cornwall. Her studio being a few meters away from a tidal estuary we have invited her to work on the beach and with the tides, as well as with people and language. Golden Tree will introduce her to a wide range of people: Cornish speakers, local artists, makers and performers, choirs, people with great stories… After a hearty Cornish welcome from the company, we’ll lend her a wetsuit and a bike, and she’ll soon feel at home in the sea and on the shore.