Cornish artist Zenna Tagney to the Isle of Skye

Posted on February 19th, 2016

Artydh kernewek Zenna Tagney, Artydh Trigys yn Alban ha artydh frisek Aukje Schaafsma a wra mos dhe Gernow!

Zenna Tagney a veu genys ha tevi dhe oos yn Kernow. Zenna a’s teves degre fondyans yn Art ha Desin ha BA (Hons) yn Kreftow Kevos (Aberfala). Zenna a ober dres oll yn gravyans seramek; hy ober a ynkorfor themow a hwedhel, gnas ha natur, awenys gans prevyans a devi dhe oos yn Kernow ha’y junyans dh’y thirwedh, hengovyon gonisogethek ha mythologieth. Brassa rann a’y ober gravyansek a dhevnydh pri cheni, stoff gans junyans ogas dhe’n ranndir may tevis hi dhe oos – ‘Pow Pri Gwynn’. Hi a ynkorfor taklow kevys, prenn ha losowedh koth yn hy thymmyn.

Yma towlen dhe Zenna gul ober a-dro dhe hwedhlow Hebredek a’n mor. Hwedhel ha taves yw kevrennys andhivagladow, awos bos hwedhlow hengovek passys dre anow yntra henedhow.  An diwiettha rann a vydh, heb dout, gravyans po gravyansow selys war an hwedhlow ha gnasow diskudhys gensi.


Zenna Tagney was born and grew up in Cornwall.  She has a foundation degree in Art and Design and a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Crafts (Falmouth).  Zenna works mostly in ceramic sculpture; her work incorporates themes of story, character and nature, inspired by the experience of growing up in Cornwall and her landscape, cultural traditions and mythology.  The majority of her sculptural work uses kaolin, material with close links to the area where she grew up – ‘Clay Country’.  She incorporates found things, wood, and old looking vegetation.

Zenna plans to make work about Hebridean stories of the sea. Story and language are inextricably linked, because traditional stories are often passed down orally between generations. The final piece will most likely be a sculpture or sculptures based on the narratives and characters she has discovered.