Taran hag Ash yw kannasow rag an yeth kernewek yn Tosta …

Posted on February 4th, 2016

Taran hag Ash yw kannasow rag an yeth kernewek yn Tosta. I wra oberi genen ni yn skolyow ha pan dheu karg gonisogethek Tosta yn Kernow yn Metheven. Yth yw pur dha kavos dew gussulyer nerthek yowynk a’n yeth kernewek y’n ragdres.

Taran yw gwarier kernewek ha skrifer, trenys yn Kembra, hag y’n eur ma ow skrifa novel settys yn Kernow hag ynwedh oberi gans lies ragdres byghanna. Da yw ganso lavurya ha gweles gonisogethow erel ha kewsel meur a-dro dhe aswonvos.

Ash yw studhyer sosyelonieth ha densesonieth neb re dhyskas an yeth kernewek der glass gorthugher rag an diwettha teyr bledhen.

Taran and Ash are the young ambassadors representing the Cornish language in Tosta. They will be working with us in schools and when the Tosta cultural cargo arrives in Cornwall in June. It is great to have two young enthousiastic advocates of Cornish language on the project!

Taran is a Cornish actor and writer, trained in Wales, and is currently writing a novel set in Cornwall as well as working on many other smaller projects. He enjoys travelling and experiencing other cultures and having long discussions on identity.

Ash is a Sociology and Anthropology student who has been learning the Cornish language at evening classes for the last three years.